The ScenariO

The real estate industry in India is a complicated conundrum of collaborations, permissions and timelines. The regulatory system is so stringent and hierarchical that it may leave even the most ambitious real estate developers in a ditch.

Although the industry has been growing over the years, the problems that restrain it from growth remain the same.


With over 20 years of individual experience in the industry. The founders Kulin Patrawala and Anuj Mehta have been striving to make a difference. After dealing with some formidable clients and completing large projects successfully, they incorporated a company with the purpose of providing consulting building solutions in the domains of designing, planning and construction.

With this thought, Buicons Consultants LLP came into existence.

The One-Stop Solution

Buicons is an abridged word for ‘building’ and ‘construction’. The company strives to offer single-window construction solutions to clients. Specializing in architecture, approval services, project management services, quantity surveying, marketing, design & all statutory approvals, the company is backed by a sound team of professionals who aim to simplify the process and support clients at every step.

The company’s core values stem from the roots of the discipline of architecture, design and construction.

We believe that through our services, we can make things happen on your behalf.

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